Life on Other Planets?


According to an article on, Scientists at NASA announced last week that they found what they believe to be three habitable planets much like our planet Earth. The planets orbit a star just like our Sun. Digital images of the planets released with last week’s announcement show a clear atmosphere like Earth’s as well as visible bodies of water.

Earthlings won’t be invading the new planets any time soon though, as they are about 2,700 light years away, which is the equivalent of about 6 trillion miles.


 Scientists are still studying these planets and plan to find out even more about them. Right now they have a possible three habitable planets in sight. Two of the planets are close enough to their star that they know they would have similar climates to our planet, and the third is a little far but not far enough to rule it out.


The article raises an interesting question to think about: Could this be the place we flee to when Earth’s final days come? The planet that scientists have named Kepler-62f seems to be the most like Earth among the three. According to the article, scientist William Borucki, the smaller the planet is, the more likely it’s comprised of rock and not gas. Kepler-62f is estimated to be about 40% larger than our home planet, and is probably rocky with polar caps, landmasses, and bodies of water just like Earth. Kepler-62f rotates around its star once every 267.3 earth days, making the similarities even greater between this strange new planet and our beloved earth. With all the similarities seen between Kepler-62f and our planet Earth scientists are raising questions of whether we could migrate to another solar system sometime in the future.


Humans on Earth are forever afraid of the ultimate “Dooms Day;” the dreaded day when life on Earth ceases to exist. Some speculate that it will come when natural disasters suddenly engulf our planet, others think it will come when something finally collides with our planet knocking us out of orbit and flying through space, some say the day will come when our life source The Sun finally reaches its timely death. Planets and stars die all over the universe all the time, its part of the natural cycle of the celestial bodies.


So is it possible? What if we could somehow in the future predict which of these Dooms Day situations will be the real one? If we could predict the end of days soon enough, we could theoretically flee this planet and seek shelter on Kepler-62f.


No one can know for sure when the Earth will meet its maker or what could even be waiting for us on Kepler-62f once we arrived. There could be a whole planet full of living beings just like we have here on this planet.


All speculations aside, this is a major discovery in the world of science. The ago old debate of whether or not Earth is the only life-sustaining planet in our universe could finally be answered!



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