Can We Avoid Natural Disasters?

The topic of climate change and global warming has become increasingly more important in the last few years. Many debate whether global warming is a thing that we are causing or a natural thing or even a real thing at all. Differing opinions about global warming has made it a rather controversial topic to say the least. However, the changing of weather patterns and the increase in more severe storms with the passing of each year has pushed this topic into the category of hot button issues.


The recent and devastating hurricane Sandy has brought the topic of climate change and global warming front and center. Hurricane Sandy destroyed entire coastal areas all up and down the eastern seaboard leaving many homeless and towns devastated. A hurricane like this makes everyone wonder how it can be avoided in the future. The hurricane wasn’t entirely a horrible thing, the devastation suffered by the East Coast has sparked efforts by other people to start making climate change preparations.

 A recent poll taken by Stanford University asked Americans if they thought the United States should start preparing for climate changes and global warming. According to the poll, 82% of Americans say yes…as long as the government doesn’t pay for it. This poll inspired an article for USA Today that broke down Americans mixed feelings on preparing for global warming.

 Many people think that preparations should include higher standards for costal structures and an end to new developments along coastlines. The bigger question is not what preparations we should take but who should be paying for these preparations. Many people thought that the government should not be responsible for these changes, but then who should be?

Most think that living people in high-risk areas should be the ones responsible for paying to rebuild and restructure their homes. 

 Completely restructuring entire towns full of buildings would be a very costly task that’s for sure, but if it could help prevent another devastating natural disaster just like Sandy then it seems to be a necessary expense.



Christen Bertolotti 


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