Mars Shows Who It Really Is

According to a blog on the Mars rover that is currently working to explore our neighbor planet has found more than just a lot of orange dust. The rover drilled into the surface of Mars and found a new and promising color under all the orange Cheetos dust we can see from Earth.

Curiosity made it’s landing on Mars’ surface on Aug. 6th and has since been exploring the planet’s Gale Crater. The two-ton robot has just become the first to drill into rock and collect a sample on Mars. Curiosity and NASA’s analysis of the Mars rock has yet to be released, but the drill alone showed us that there’s a little more to Mars than meets the eye.  



Under that orange dusty exterior, Curiosity found that Mars has a hard gray interior. This is the biggest news so far from Curiosity’s little dig. Big because it reveled the rocks under the surface of Mars look like what we think of as normal Earth rocks. It showed us that Mars isn’t just an orange dust ball. This excursion by Curiosity could hold promising and exciting information about Mars.

Could this possibly mean that Mars is a planet that could sustain life? NASA scientists sure hope so. The new discovery is all the rage in the science community; everyone is really intrigued by the news. One scientist quoted in the story, Joel Hurowitz, sampling system scientist for Curiosity at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said this could mean the orange substance on Mars is just rust forming naturally on the rocks. The find could mean that studies of Mars’ past life could be a reality.


Another scientist quoted in the story, John Grotzinger, the principal investigator for the rover mission, said this is a step in the right direction and could lead to discovering Mars has a habitable environment.

Scientists are seeking to gain a look into Mars’ past with the digs coming up in Curiosity’s future. The story referred to rocks as “time capsules” because they are potentially very ancient objects. Ancient objects that could contain lots of information on what Mars has been up to all these years.

The rover also has hopes of being the next step in discovering water on Mars’ surface. The drilling ability on Curiosity was originally put in for the purpose of finding signs of water on Mars. Scientists at NASA are not yet ready to start drilling for water with Curiosity but they’re working on it and plan to start the process soon.

This is just the latest news on Curiosity’s adventure on Mars, NASA encouraged readers of the blog to stay tuned and keep up with Curiosity’s work in space. The little rover is on the verge of making groundbreaking discoveries on our Milky Way cousin. With so much land to explore and still so many mysteries, Curiosity could uncover a great secret in our galaxy.



Mars rover drills, sees planet's true colors


Christen Bertolotti


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